COEVO - 0,10 L

  • AREA Frazione Carpignano Grottaminarda (AV)
  • OLIVE TREE VARIETY Ogliarola - Leccino - Frantoio - Ravece
  • HARVEST manual harvest carried out in the first week of October 2015 and grinded in the first 12 hours
  • EXTRACTION cold extraction (22)
  • TASTING Fruity with notes of herbal and leaf. Pungent spicy and bitter (due to high polyphenols) are well balanced and with progression. In the final part of tasting you can feel the presence of fruit and artichoke heart
  • CHEMICAL ANALYSIS acidity: 0,10 %

    peroxides: 4.44 meq O2/kg

    poliphenols: 588
  • PRICE 4,50 FREE SHIPPING for order of 40 pcs or more
  • DESCRIPTION Coevo is an extravirgin olive oil produced by organic fertilization without any chemical treatment at the olives on the hills of Carpignano (AV).
  • BOTTLING bottled as 0,10 lt in the special Miron violet glass that offers a unique possibility to maintain the value of the products at the same high level over a long time period.
  • COLOR golden yellow with leaps of green
  • SCENT Scent of green olive with balanced intensity, herbal with notes of green apple and bitter vegetables marked by an excellent scent of clean

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